White Oak 110 at Kingpins

The Kingpins Show recently released a lovely little video about us and our White Oak Mill’s 110th anniversary celebration that has been taking place at the trade show all year long, from New York to  Hong Kong to Amsterdam. With the next Kingpins Amsterdam show rapidly approaching at the end of October we thought we would share their recap of the White Oak festivities thus far as well as Cone Denim’s relationship with the Kingpins Show.
If you haven’t been able to make it out to the shows so far, be sure to take a peak at the video to see some of what you have missed, like: an insider’s look into the historic mill, relics from the archives including Found garments made of Cone “Deep-Tone” denim from the mid-20th century, the oldest swatch of Cone denim woven at White Oak in its first month of operation in 1905, and more! Cheers! to Cone Denim and Kingpins