The Dyneema Project, Cone Denim, & ‘One Amazing Fabric’

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, was discovered by chance in 1963. It took another 27 years to commercialize and bring it to market being used to do things like moor oil rigs, lift buildings, repair human joints and stop bullets. Pound for pound fifteen times stronger than carbon steel, yet buoyant on water, today the fiber is being used to make fabric stronger, lighter, smarter and incredibly more durable. We’ve even woven it into some of our very own Cone denims. 


Starting in 2015 Dyneema® began to become more widely available to the apparel market through a carefully curated innovations program – The Dyneema® Project – undertaken in close collaboration with selected brands and mills like Cone Denim. To catalog these game-changing innovations in textiles and apparel using the super-strength fiber Dyneema® produces their Trailblazers publication, the most recent of which features an interview with our very own director of product development and resident yarn and fibers wizard, Allen Little.


Allen was born into textiles and has spent practically his entire life working in the industry. In this issue of Trailblazers he shares his thoughts on the industry and the current role being played by Dyneema®.


“I am driven by a never-ending quest to find new technologies and create new fabrics that incorporate fashion and performance. It’s very rewarding to start with a new fiber or technology, create the yarn/fabric design, and then see your creation come to life in a finished pair of jeans.”


Be sure to head over to read the full interview with Allen here.