Stretch Technology by Cone Denim®

Superior stretch technology by Cone Denim®. Art meets the science of sexy in SGENE® , Cone Denim’s breakthrough collection of premium stretch technology. Typical denim it’s not. SGENE® delivers body conforming stretch and unsurpassed recovery without sacrificing incredibly soft hand feel or resistance to radical finishing techniques. The secret is in our patented multiple core yarns.
Using multiple stretch components, SGENE® mirrors movement without constraint. SGENE’s® superior fit offers the ultimate in comfort, but never reveals its secret.

Breakthrough at the Core

Cone Denim’s SGENE® technology has created a new global standard for stretch denim. Our core spun stretch yarn doubles the performance of the fabric by adding more than one core. The technology is hidden within the proprietary yarn, giving it twice the power. “Bagging knee” syndrome is virtually eliminated. Our premium yarns and constructions create fabric that remembers its shape.
This radical new approach to denim manufacturing was born of over 100 years of industry experience and technical expertise combined with a commitment to innovation.