Found Collection

The Story of the FOUND Collection…
While searching for ginseng root in a rural area not far from Greensboro, a man discovered a two-room shack where sharecroppers had once lived. Inside the 1900s-era frame house that was littered with magazines and other papers, he saw a pile of well-worn denim garments that had fallen through a sagging ceiling from the attic above.
His first thought was to have his sister sew the vintage denim into purses he could sell at flea markets and boutiques. But having spent some of his childhood living with his Grandmother in the Cone Mills Proximity mill village, he had another thought and contacted Cone Denim.
The collection included 40 pieces in all, ranging from men’s and women’s patched overalls and sun-bleached chambray shirts to homemade “waist highs” and an antique quilt backed with denim. Of particular interest are several garments which still had labels that read “Made of CONE DeeptoneĀ® DENIM”.
Introduced in 1936, CONE DeeptoneĀ® DENIM, was produced from a new method developed by Cone, it’s primary attribute a rich, deep shade not previously seen in a denim. This new brand was advertised directly to consumers in magazines like Progressive Farmer and Country Gentleman, each with the tagline, “Improves your overall appearance.”
The Found collection inspires and furthers our love of “vintage”. Authentic, genuine, a testimony of the hard work and perseverance that helped shape and form the American culture.

Hickory Stripe Shirt with Chambray Trim c.1940

Big Winston Overall made of Cone DEEPTONEĀ® Denim c.1940

Waist Overall with Homemade Watch Pocket c.1940