3×1 & Gear Patrol Celebrate Cone’s 125th


We continued on with Cone’s 125 year anniversary celebration last night with a little help from our friends. The purveyors of all things cool over at Gear Patrol along with New York City’s custom jeans outfitter, 3×1, hosted a party in our honor, as well as the release of an extra special collection made up of loomstate, natural indigo-dyed selvage denim woven up exclusively for 3×1 at our White Oak mill.


 Style W3X1 was named in the brand’s honor and developed with the intent to create the most authentic denim in the manner that is was originally done long ago when Cone first started making denim. To achieve this we traveled back in time- dyeing the yarns with natural indigo and weaving them up on vintage fly shuttle looms to impart depth and character just as we did back in the late 1800’s. The rough-spun warp yarn character captures the look of the yarn’s inconsistent appearance to replicate the yarns of yore, before modern advances in spinning technology made it possible to produce smooth, uniform yarns. To top it all off the fabric is “loomstate,” or unfinished, so that it shrinks to the wearer’s body just like it did before the sanforizing process of pre-shrinking the denim was invented. 


In preparation for the event 3×1 and Gear Patrol paid a visit to our White Oak mill to really sink their teeth into the history of where it all started…    

“Cone has themost historical significance of any producer in the world of denim,” says 3×1 founder Scott Morrison, and on the topic of selvage denim he notes, “The thing that’s changed over the last twenty years is that our generations are embracing the idea that old can be cool.” 


Read on and check out some more lovely photos of our beloved mill in Gear Patrol’s article “A New Collection of Jeans from America’s Oldest Denim Mill, and check out photos from the event held at 3×1’s SoHo shop below.