SELVAGE DENIM has been proudly produced by Cone since 1896 and at our White Oak plant since 1905.  Our selvage denims are still woven on American Draper X3 fly shuttle looms from the 1940s. Fabrics woven on these vintage looms contain a depth and dimension that is completely unique. The vintage aspect of these looms combined with the fact that these machines sit on the original turn of the century wood floors, creates a rhythm and motion that is uniquely woven into these fabrics. Our loyal denim experts, some of whom have run these same machines for as many as 50 years, are committed to providing well crafted selvage fabrics, which combine our heritage with the latest advances in denim.

Selvage: the edge of the fabric, originally from “self-edge”.

In the original shuttle weaving process, a small bobbin of yarn is carried inside a shuttle that travels back and forth across the loom. Since the yarn is not cut after each weft insertion, the tightly bound edge cannot unravel. If used as part of a garment, it will maintain its integrity throughout the life of the garment.

White Oak Weave Room c. 1941

White Oak Weave Room c. 2008

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